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FAQ and Support Request Form

Q. Why didn't I get results after submitting code to the online trial?

A. The results should have arrived within 3 business days. Check your email filters and filtered emails to see if the email was blocked. Adding scan@opcodes.com to your address book may prevent future blocking. Try submitting your code a second time in case the email address was incorrect. If still no email, then let us know in the form below which email address you used, and the approximate time and date it was submitted.

Q. What happens to the code I submitted for the online trial?

A. The code waits in queue for processing. If there were errors in processing the code it goes back to our engineers to see how we can fix our code. The results get emailed back to you and then we delete the source code unless it is selected for statistical analysis to improve our future products. Your code is always handled privately and securely to prevent exposure to 3rd parties. For best privacy purchase a license to run the software on your computer.

Q. What computer requirements are there to run the software?

A. The programs are 32 bit DOS based so they run on most Windows or compatible computers built in the last decade. The only additional requirement it to have at least 16M RAM and 1M disk space. Let us know the most unique setup you get them to run on.

Q. How do I get off your email list?

A. Forward the unwanted email to remove@opcodes.com, the return address of your email will be blocked until you miss us and signup again.

Q. Can we purchase bulk or site licenses?

A. Purchases for 3 or more users are discounted and availible through the support form below. Generic site licenses are not availible although registered users are permitted to share a networked installation. You must submit each users email address for program, update, and newsletter distribution.

Support Request Form

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Response time depends on email backlog and investigative effort.