Optimal Code Solutions
Smaller Code. Faster Execution. Less Mistakes.
About Us

Optimal Code Solutions is a new company formed to release innovative tools for the PICmicro engineering community. More than 20 years of embedded engineering experience, including years of design and application experience inside Microchip Technology, have developed our understanding of the issues facing embedded programmers.

Always looking for the smallest fastest possible code lead to writing tools that would automate the process and prevent bugs from sneaking into the code. Now, for the first time, these tools can be used by everyone to create optimal assembly language code. There is even a free trial online to give students and hobbyists the tools we never had to find bugs and error check our PICmicro code.

We are still looking for physical address to call home. Until then you may contact us through the support form, or mail one of our forwarding addresses.


Optimal Code Solutions

Box 28, RR1

Morris, MB

R0G 1K0


Optimal Code Solutions

PO Box 77

Pembina, ND